Sunday, August 14, 2011

pictures tell the best stories.

1. our wittle Zacky is going to college. 2. and we celebrated him by having the biggest, juiciest steaks my mouth has ever tasted. 3. Teesh and I may live together, but we still enjoy a good old-fashioned date night. 4. showing off our rings may never get old. 5. isn't this the cutest family in the whole world? they're our favorite. 6. I could eat this baby boy up! he was born the day before Teesh and I got engaged and now he's about to be a year old. I loved him then, but I love him eeeeeeven more now. 7. our first Panthers game of the season! it was raining, but it was worth every sniffle this morning when we woke up! 8. our double-daters who we love veeeeeeeery much. 9. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. 10. no words for how much this girl means to me.

I hope the beginning of your August was as cheerful and pleasant as mine was. :)

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