Monday, September 3, 2012

paris mountain.

Since our plans to go to the lake were discontinued because of all the rain, we improvised and dedicated a few hours of this Labor Day to hittin' the trails. This go 'round: Paris Mountain. Melly even joined us on this feat, and she provided lots of entertainment along the way! We chose not to do anything too strenuous this time, considering we will be jumping right back into our usual routines tomorrow with no day of rest like we usually have, but we still managed to climb a few steep hills while on the loop. I was intrigued by the Sulphur Springs Trail, a hike totaling around four miles, because of Mountain Lake and its dam. There was no end-of-the-trail-treasure, which was actually wonderful, because we were simply just hiking to be out in creation. We had lots of time to talk about Jesus and share stories of His faithfulness over the past few days and continue to get to know each other. I hope I never get tired of spending time and making memories and discovering new things about the people I love most.

Today was so good for my soul.

"A journey is best described in friends, rather than miles."
-Tim Cahill

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