Sunday, March 31, 2013


Today is a time for a lot of things. A time to reflect on the Lord's goodness and mercy while praising Him for His love and grace. A time to repent of our worldly tendencies and come back to Jesus, our Savior and our friend. A time to lift the glories of His name high while inviting Him to dwell low with us on earth. A time to choose Him, maybe for the very first time. A time to celebrate Him who conquered death and offers us life everlasting through Him.

The joy that is acknowledged on Easter Sunday wasn't created for just one day out of the year. No, it's depth transcends everything we've ever known and grants us access into the world we were intended to be in, the world that His followers will soon call home. When we choose Him, we choose joy. And peace. And all things that are good. When we choose Him, we are no longer broken, for He fills us with His spirit, all sufficient and all-satisfying.

It is my prayer that you no only worship Him like never before today, but that that same fire and passion would become who you are. Dying to yourself and your sinful desires isn't easy, but neither was suffering and dying on a cross in humiliation. Is your life marked by obedience to Christ? My prayer for you today is that it would be.

Live in the freedom of Christ and experience His power and might like never before, friends. Nothing else compares to knowing Him!

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