Saturday, July 20, 2013

a proper celebration.

Our anniversary was probably as cute as they come, y'all. Not only were we overwhelmed by so much love and so many blessings by the people closest to us, we also had the opportunity to celebrate with sixteen of the most precious kiddos on the planet. From the moment I walked through my classroom door on that bright morning to my departure at the end of the day, I was greeted with "Happy 'aversary,' Ms. Anna!" over and over again. Who knew that mispronouncing could be so stinkin' adorable? I was surprised to find three homemade cards awaiting me when I opened my cabinet, as well, which made me smile even bigger than my typical smile.

Mr. Teeshy Weeshy (we love nicknames in Ms. Anner Bananer's class) joined us for an 'aversary' party when we woke up from nap, and he even showed us some of his excellent dance moves afterwards. When he left, we sprinted to the fence to wave goodbye to him as he sped away in his "super fast car," also known as Blaise. The kiddos still haven't stopped talking about that hour, and I've already been asked a dozen times when Mr. Teesh is coming back. I love that the people I love so much love each other just as much, too. I'm tellin' ya, Ms. Anna's heart could explode.

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