Saturday, July 27, 2013


One month. That's all that stands between TJ and me being back in Port de Paix, Haiti with our dear friends at Hope Vision Ministry. I can't wait to squeeze them and hear their precious voices say my name and watch them climb all over Teesh and wake up with the sun to hear footsteps outside of our door and have them ask me a million questions and tell them stories about how much my kiddos from City Kids love them and have twelve little ones in my lap at the same time and just simply be with them. I know that those five weeks are fast-approaching, and I'm already preparing myself for how quickly our time will pass with them if we're not intentional in scooping up and savoring every moment we're given.

We're still fundraising, but we don't have too much left to go. The faithfulness of the Lord is sure and steadfast; what a blessing it has been to walk in His light for the past two months as we have trusted Him for everything. As much as He has done for us during this season of preparation, I can't wait to see the fruit of what He will do while we're there. We serve a mighty God who never leaves us nor forsakes us, and we are confident that this will be another display of His love and generosity pouring out abundantly.

I'll be daydreaming about this beautiful place and these beautiful faces for the next thirty-two days!

"Beautiful Lord, awesome and mighty; I'm captured by this love I see. Beautiful Lord, tender and holy; Your mercy brings me to my knees. It's Your mercy that has made me free, beautiful Lord."

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