Wednesday, July 17, 2013

devil's fork.

This past weekend, Teesh and I made the hour-long trek to Lake Jocassee to do some camping in honor of our upcoming anniversary. Devil's Fork State Park was our destination, and we made it safely in the rain late Friday evening. It rained our entire trip, but the sun peeked through the clouds a couple times, and we did a little swimming once when the lightning disappeared. Camping in the rain? Check. Our bucket list had several items checked off of it this weekend, and we even considered adding some other ridiculous happenings to it just so we could check them off, too.

Regardless of the weather and the conversations we overhead from our neighbors on either side of us, we had the best time. Rarely do we get to escape from the world for a couple of days, but this weekend allowed us that pleasure. No phones, no outside world, no makeup, no mirrors; just the lake, the boat, our campsite, TJ, and me. It was absolutely, positively blissful. I can't remember a weekend when we've laughed so hard. I wish Teesh and I had more weekends like that one; escaping with my handsome husband is one of my most favorite things to do.

Lake Jocassee, y'all.

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