Friday, January 2, 2015

third trimester progress | 37.

As of this week, Mama B + Baby B are officially considered full term, and Braxton could make his appearance any day! It's hard to believe that thirty weeks ago from yesterday, TJ and I went into the doctor's office for our very first ultrasound to determine if we really were expecting and walked out clicking our heels together in joy because we had heard our baby's heartbeat for the very first time. Time has absolutely flown by since then, and I know that it will only pass by more quickly once he's finally here with us. Although we're only two days in to the new year, we have no doubt that this will be our best year yet. It will, also, be more challenging than all the others because of our new addition, but the love that we have for him will continue to cast out every ounce of fear that tries to sneak in.

Since our last update, Baby B has officially dropped head-down into delivery position (as indicated by the waddle that has become my new way of walking), and Mama B has begun to have small contractions throughout each day. I've also begun using my new waddle more often as I dart to the bathroom about every hour-and-a-half. We don't know when he'll decide he's ready to make his grand entrance, but we know one thing: we'll be ready for him!

Wednesday, December 31st
Week 37 + Day 4
Baby B is the length of romaine lettuce.
*Between 19-22 inches!

Only 15 days until his due date! Y'all, Teesh + I are about to be PARENTS!

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