Monday, January 5, 2015

our first of twenty-fifteen.

After our last adventure up to Crowder's Mountain in September, we decided that walking around the neighborhood was probably the best strategy to meet our exploration needs for a while. Thankfully, my best oh-please-oh-please face worked on Teesh this past Thursday night, and he agreed to let me have one last hoorah out on the trails before Braxton gets here. On Friday morning, we got up + ate breakfast + headed to Paris Mountain State Park for a stroll around Lake PlacidThis close-to-home trail was the perfect outing for our first hike of twenty-fifteen + our last hike as a family of two.

We beat the rain by a few hours, and the clouds provided beautiful lighting for every click of the camera. The shadows were, also, indescribably beautiful, and I continued to teach TJ more lessons on patience with every stop I made just to gaze at the trees ricocheting off of the water. This will most likely be our second hike of the new year, too, as we adjust to carrying a baby on our backs, and I can't wait to see all the gorgeous spring colors waiting for us when it's finally time for us to get back out on the trails

I hope our baby boy loves the great outdoors as much as his daddy + mommy do!

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