Wednesday, January 7, 2015

butt roast.

On Saturday night, our community had our first gathering of the new year to enjoy some smoked barbecue + yummy fixin's while we watched the Panthers win their first game of the playoffs. The guys mostly stayed outside in the cold rain doing manly things, the girls stayed inside chatting about life, and the kiddos ran around doing all sorts of kiddo things. It was a big treat to have Mr. Crawford Phillips join us for the first time since his birthday back in November, and we all swooned over his cute wittle cheeks + Panthers outfit. Maddox kept us giggling, Adalynn raided the toy bin to the point where she ended up inside of it, and Liam + Emma chased each other around all evening. Soon, there will be two new little ones to add to the mix, and both Wimberly and Nick + TJ and I can't wait for Braxton + Lilla to meet their soon-to-be buddies!

I love the people we get to do life with, and I'm so very thankful for another year filled with endless opportunities to grow closer together as we seek to push each other to walk closer with our precious Jesus.

Twenty-fifteen, you're off to a great start!

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