Saturday, June 13, 2015

a promise fulfilled.

I dreamed of this day when TJ and I spent a month in Haiti nearly two years ago. We talked about starting a family while we sat on the steps in front of Pastor's house watching all the kiddos run around, and we both agreed that it was time we tried for one of our own. I wrote about that conversation in my journal that night, and I specifically mentioned how I couldn't wait for our little one(s) to meet the little ones from Hope Vision Ministry that we had grown to love so much. Grace (pictured above) is spunky, crazy, silly, and she says exactly what she thinks at any given moment, and when she gave me my morning hug the following day, she poked my belly, said "When you have one, Banana?" and then ran away giggling. Now, here we are just a year and a half later, and I have been given the enormous blessing of having my worlds collide - two worlds that I have prayed for, hoped for, and chased after diligently + wholeheartedly. Pastor + his family have been our family since TJ + I first heard of them, and I am so thankful that B is now a part of this journey with us.

The promises of God, y'all. There is nothing else like His faithfulness, His timing, or His providence.

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