Sunday, June 14, 2015

feelin' bouncy.

We got to spend a whole afternoon with Pastor, Ma Pas, Timothy, Christina, and Grace, and we wanted to do something fun. What's more fun that Gravitopia, you ask? NOTHING! We jumped for a whole hour (which made us all have to humbly take breaks every so often), cut flips, dove into foam pits, played dodgeball, chased each other along the rows of trampolines, and laughed until our stomachs hurt. Timothy impressed us all with his back flips, and us girls had a ball just stickin' to the basics. Braxton got lots of love from Pastor + Ma Pas, TJ tried his best to capture photos of objects in motion, and the kids (myself included) bounced until our bodies hurt. 

After we got good and hungry, there was only one option for lunch: an endless pizza buffet at Pizza Inn! These Haitians were comatose after spending the afternoon with the Bargerons, just as we'd hoped they would be. Post-shenanigans nap time was necessary for us ALL!

One of my favorite memories to date, no doubt about it. Oh, how I loooooove having this precious family here with us!
Side note: I've never been so excited for Becca to be put to such good use!

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