Monday, June 1, 2015

twenty weeks.

Last year at the beginning of September, I was twenty weeks pregnant with a little baby in my belly who was the size of a banana. Now, on this first day of June of the following year, I am holding a sixteen-pound baby boy in my arms who is twenty weeks old today! As much as I love bananas, I love this long, chubby boy exponentially more. The changes that have come along with B in these short almost five four months (I'm hanging on to every millisecond, people) have challenged us, strengthened us, humbled us, and brought us more joy than we thought our hearts could hold. I thought my heart was filled to the brim when we still had nineteen weeks until we met him, but I had no idea that it would continue get fuller every day and somehow never pop.

As much as I loved feeling B move on the inside, his wiggles + kicks + squirms are even more wonderful now that he's on the outside. His smiles + giggles are perfect, too!
It has been twenty weeks since the most beautiful + most challenging day of my life, and I wouldn't trade any of these days away. That first cry, those first few moments with him on my chest, the look of love in Teesh's eyes that I'd never seen before, even the pain + frustration that followed are all part of our story - the story that God wrote especially for us in order that we could glorify Him. We love this gift that has been given to us, and we can't wait to watch him continue to be used to bless others for his whole life.

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