Wednesday, June 10, 2015

vision casting.

On Sunday afternoon following B's dedication, around one hundred people gathered at the Fountain Inn Farmer's Market for a BBQ dinner + an opportunity to hear Pastor Andy speak about the vision that God has given him for what comes next for Hope Vision Ministry. Pastor + his family love the Lord more than most, and hearing him speak always confirms that truth. Thankfully, many people who had never met him before got to meet him, and hearts were touched by the heartfelt words he shared.

God is doing BIG things in Haiti, and it is a tremendous privilege + honor to have a part in it, no matter how small. The kiddos at HVM are very special not only to the Bargerons but to many other people in our community, too. Our hope is that more people will be lead to commit to helping out however they can + are able to, and we especially hope to hug + love on our entire beloved family in Port-de-Paix very, very soon. Praise be to God for bringing us together, and may His grace continue to move mountains + break strongholds!
If you are interested in sponsoring a child or helping us continue building the new orphanage in the Far West, please click this link and know that your gift is not in vain!

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