Tuesday, June 9, 2015

haiti comes to south carolina!

That's right, people, Fountain Inn is hosting some of Port-de-Paix's finest for a few weeks! Pastor Andy, Ma Pas, Timothy, Christina, and Grace flew in on Friday afternoon, and we've been making up for lost time since then. Many people have already secured some one-on-one time with them, the Bargerons included, and we pray that these next couple of weeks will be a time of both rest and play for them. On Friday night, the Barrineaus grilled out cheeseburgers + made homemade ice cream, and it was an evening filled with great eats + even better fellowship. Braxton got to meet them for the first time, too, and that's a memory that this mama won't ever forget.

It is such a blessing to love this family so much, and it overwhelms me to think of how much love they will have poured on them during their visit. God gave Capstone Church a tremendous blessing when He aligned our paths together, and He receives lots of "Thank you!"s from us because of it!

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