Monday, January 25, 2016

do you want to build a snowman?

Why yes, yes we did. In fact, we like building snowmen so much that we built two of them on that beloved snow day. Braxton took a good nap, so TJ + I took full advantage of a little uninterrupted pretend-like-we-are-kids time. We've been making snowmen together for twelve years, and we've practically got it down to a science at this point. Even so, it is still thrilling to roll that soft snow together until it's just right.

We introduced Braxton to our new friend after he woke up, and he loved it. I wish the pictures I took came with sound, because his little oooo's and aaaa's were so stinkin' cute! TJ + I were cracking up watching him poke the snowman as he tried to decide what the odd-shaped figure in front of him was. Seriously, it was the cutest.
A little while later, we mosied on over to see what Gigi and Wuncle were doing. We convinced Wuncle to have a snowball fight with us while Gigi manned the littlest one, and he even put on long pants for the occasion (this is a big deal, people). After he + I demolished TJ with snowballs (sorry, honey),  we decided to make a snowman...and not just any snowman, but the most awkward snowman we could make. We even added muscles to it in honor of Auntie Mel, our fellow snow buddy who recently left the nest and wasn't able to play in the winter wonderland with us this time (tear, tear). Awkward was our goal, and I'm proud to say that we successfully accomplished what we set out to do. HA!
What's your favorite thing about playing in the snow?

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