Sunday, January 24, 2016

snow much fun.

Braxton slept through his first snow day, but he was wide awake for this one. From a distance, he thought snow was the best thing he'd ever seen, but he wasn't so sure about touching it or seeing it up close. He became best buds with his little red wagon as TJ pulled him along Brookdale, and I followed their trail and giggled as I watched his innocent eyes fill with wonder at the white covering that he saw all over everything.

My mind kept daydreaming about hearing the sound of his little feet crunch in the snow the next time it pays us a visit, but I made sure not to let those thoughts override the current moment. Even when he was crying from being in the snow, he was crying for his mama + daddy -- and that is something I count an honor. One day he will be big + independent, but for now he needs us to save him from the fluffy white stuff under his feet. I happily scooped him up + saved him on this day, because I know it won't be long until I'm watching him discover that the same stuff he once thought was scary is really quite magical.

Also, it never gets old throwing snow balls at my boyfriend-turned-husband while we both pretend like we haven't aged a day since we first met.
It's a big day when it snows in the south, and we took full advantage if it. I loved everything about this day, and I'm already itching for the next time we get to adventure through our very own winter wonderland.

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