Friday, January 15, 2016

his first birthday.

Braxton's first birthday was full of three of our favorite things: fun, food, and family! We were careful to soak in every second of that once-in-a-lifetime day, and I hope I never forget the way my heart fluttered as I proudly watched him experience both new + old things with all sorts of excitement. TJ took the day off so he could fully celebrate with us instead of having to hear about it after the fact, and it was such a treat having Dada to ourselves for a whole day! Mimi spent the afternoon with us, and then our immediate families gathered at the our bungalow for an intimate party before our big bash tomorrow. Although he won't remember how much he loved this day, I was careful to capture as many smiles as I could so that I can show him one day. I love this little daddy-lookin', mama-actin' boy so much that sometimes I think my heart just may explode.

We began celebrating from the very first second he woke up. In honor of this special day, his plate was full of raspberries, scrambled eggs, some toasted o's, and his very first cinnamon roll. He, also, tasted whole milk for the first time, and it didn't phase him one bit. I'm not sure when we will fully transition to whole milk, but I'm happy that he approves.
After his morning nap, we ventured to The Children's Museum of the Upstate to put our new membership to good use for the first time. His favorite spots were the shopping area (watching him push that little buggy nearly made me die from giddiness), the water area (he cried when it was time to leave this spot), and the music room (Daddy and Mimi liked this room, too). We spent nearly two hours roaming through the museum, and I'm really looking forward to making trips here a regular thing. Before heading home, we made a pit stop at Waffle House for lunch, and the birthday boy ate about a quarter of my food (he sampled everything except the raisin toast -- mama doesn't share her raisin toast).
He took a good afternoon nap, and when he woke up it was time to continue in the festivities. Grandma, Pop, Gigi, Mimi, Pops, Auntie Mel, Uncle D, Wuncle, Meeeman, Nik Nik, Cannie Ree, and Trent all came over for dinner + presents + cake, and Braxton loooooved all the attention he was getting from everyone. All of his favorite people in one place -- what could possibly be better? He got some really cool goodies + smashed his cake like a boss (no surprise there), and everyone had heart-shaped pupils as they watched him take it all in.
Braxton's first birthday was happy, indeed, and we are so very thankful. Our family was gathered together as one just as they were on this day a year ago, but we all agreed that, despite welcoming our newest member, these were much happier terms. The hard times give us a proper perspective of the good times, and that's a lesson I've learned well over the course of my life. Whether times are good or times are bad, God is always, always good -- this day, the twelfth of January, will always represent that sweet truth in our lives.

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