Monday, January 4, 2016

sulphur springs | plus one.

TJ and I hiked this trail last year for the second time when I was about halfway through my second trimester, and we talked about what it would be like to bring our baby with us as we trekked. This year, that conversation came to life. I love this particular trail because of all the sights you see along the way, because it's a good workout, and because it's only about fifteen minutes away from our bungalow. We spent about two hours walking along the four-mile trail, and it was thrilling to see how many others had the same idea as we did on the first day of a new year. I love passing people (or getting passed by them, hehe) and smiling at these fellow lovers of the outdoors, because it motivates me to want to be outside more. "We're not alone in our increasingly counter-culture hobbies," I think to myself, and I like to pretend that they're thinking the same thing when they see us. Everyone always gets a kick out of watching B bump along behind us, too, which is also good for a mama's heart.

As we walked, TJ and I talked about our goals for this year, our regrets from the year before, and the dreams that are continuing to grow inside of us. We chatted about being halfway through our fifth year of marriage (say whaaaat?), what we thought it will be like to raise a toddler (again, say whaaaat?), and ways that our family can seek to further the kingdom of God this year. It's such a blessing to intentionally live to serve our Creator alongside of each other. I'd pick the two of us against the world over any other team, even on our worst days. It blows my mind that we first celebrated New Years Day together in 2004, and it's even more mind-blowing how the Lord has been diligent in taking those two kids who thought they knew everything and transforming them into disciples who are learning that their lives together are simply a product of His grace. Whew, that's both the hardest and most beautiful lesson for us to learn.

Here's to more communication, and less assumptions. More vulnerability, and less bitterness. More making a big deal out of the small milestones, and less looking for the next best thing. More deep breaths, and less playing the role of the victim. More time with the ones we love, and less making excuses. More contentedness, and less comparisons. More of Him, and less of us.

I don't know what this year holds for us, and that's okay. My prayer is that I would grow in courage to simply take that next step in obedience without having to know where I'm headed. More walking by faith, and less obsessing about wanting to see the road first. That's what I pray that this year is saturated with.

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  1. This trail is a favorite of ours as well. Just wait until your little guy is old enough to want to walk out on the damn! ;)


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