Sunday, January 3, 2016


A trip to the beach wasn't on our schedule until a few days before we left, but what else is there to do except change your plans when someone graciously offers you a few nights in an ocean-front room at no cost? Exactly...YOU GO! TJ + I are still talking about how timely this little getaway was as a final refresher before a new year began, and we unashamedly spent most of it in our pajamas. We were slightly embarrassed to realize that our initial reaction to our room was very similar to the reaction that Vivian had when she walked into the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel with Edward (some of you know exactly what I'm referring to), but we were just so excited that it happened before we even knew what we were doing. True life: we don't get out much. Translation: our "out" is more trail-oriented than suite-oriented. We felt like royalty for three days, y'all.

The fog was thick, and the sun only peeked out a few times the whole time we were there, but we were faithful visitors of the indoor pool every day. My best friend, Emilie (who is also the lady responsible for our time on the coast), and her family didn't mind us tagging along with them every once in a while, too, which made for extra blessings. She even snapped a few pictures of us shortly after sunrise one morning in honor of our B's upcoming birthday (we are always thrilled to be her photo shoot guinea pigs!). Also, my grandparents were at the beach at the same time we were, so we got to have dinner with them one night. Those few days were the perfect balance of going and resting, and all three of us returned recharged and ready to begin a new year.

The snuggles were many, the king-size bed stayed unmade the whole time (the epitome of vacation, folks), we watched TV in bed while Braxton napped, I drank coffee while breathing in the ocean air, and so much more. My favorite moments were the ones where TJ and I were giggling for no other reason than just being overwhelmed with joy, humility, and thankfulness.

This story we are writing is a good one, and I love lingering on the current page before turning to the next one, refusing to blink.

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