Friday, February 12, 2016

braxton michael | thirteen months.

13 Months

Number of teeth:
Seven! My first molar came in just yesterday, and more are just below my gums. Say it with me...ouch!

Favorite toy:
My Thomas the Train walker that I got for my birthday

Shoe size:

Preferred mode of transportation:
Crawling + Cruising

Clothing size:
12-18 months

Favorite food:
I am a fruit-a-holic. Seriously, give me ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the fruit!

Biggest adventure from this past month:
I got to touch snow AND sand this past month. How cool is that?!

I look like my:
(thank goodness he's handsome...well, that's what Mama tells me, anyway)

Something new I learned this past month:
I can give hugs now, and I squeeze extra tight when you say "awww!"

Favorite book:
Pat the Bunny

I like to talk so much that I talk to myself. Daddy says I have Mama to thank for that! I'm also increasingly feisty. Thanks again, Mama.

Favorite TV show:
I love it when Mama turns on PBS, and I especially love Nature Cat (tally ho!)

Words I can say:
Mama + Bye-bye + Dada + Ball + Hey + Uh oh

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