Sunday, February 21, 2016

wuncle's fourteenth.

My baby brother, once-Wilber-now-Wuncle, turned fourteen last week, and you know what that means...birthday party! I love celebrating and I reeeeally love my family, so I think I'm more excited than the one(s) celebrating the birthday most of the time. But, I digress. Only about half of the family was able to be there this year, but the half that was there offered lots of entertainment and good fellowship (as usual). There weren't as many kiddos running around, but Braxton took up a lot of the slack. It's hard to believe that this time last year, he was only awake for about ten minutes of his whole party and this year, he was trying to steal Wuncle' spot light the whole time. My, my, how time changes so quickly!

Braxton has always been very fond of Wuncle, even when he was just several days old, and he made sure to give him lots of birthday loving for his big day. It was seriously the cutest thing! B wanted to be right beside him the whole time, and he even snuck in snuggles right before it was time to leave. Their age difference is the same as it is between Wilber and me, and it makes me emotional to think that what Will used to do to me, Braxton now does to him. Seriously. Like overjoyed-meets-ugly-cry emotional. Good emotions, of course, but it just makes me want to make more memories with the ones I love because the current ones pass so quickly. My thankfulness grows daily, but it grew exponentially on this particular day.

Happy belated birthday to our Wuncle!

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