Tuesday, February 23, 2016

natural bridge trail | hike it baby.

Last week, our adventures with Hike it Baby took us to Keowee Toxaway State Park in Sunset, SC. We hiked the entire Natural Bridge Trail loop,  as well as some extra trekking on part of Raven Rock trail. Our small detour led us to the most beautiful overlook with a stunning view of Lake Keowee below us. The sky was perfectly blue, the sun was beaming down on us, the temperature was wonderful, and the five of us who went exploring together were thrilled with how gorgeous this day was!

Braxton and Howard have been on a couple of hikes together, and they really hit it off on this particular one. I was even the recipient of many smiles and hand-holding from Howard, and the sweetness of those few moments is still lingering in my soul. We stopped for lunch at the halfway point, and the two littlest ones were boldly crawling and walking wherever they pleased (within safe boundaries, of course).

I was so excited to tell TJ about this trail when he got home, and I really hope we go back here again soon. It was just that breath-taking! And speaking of catching my breath, the last leg of our hike made me do a lot of that. Us moms joked that our hearts (both literally AND figuratively) would thank us for all these miles we climbed while carrying our babies. One day these kiddos will be bigger than us, but for now it's our job to make sure they experience as much of the abundance of God's beautiful creation as possible. These little explorers will be making their own discoveries without us some day, and I firmly believe that these moments are being used to fuel a curiosity towards and an appreciation for fresh, open air.  I'll gladly huff and puff for that any day!

Where have you explored lately? Make sure this park is on your list!

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