Saturday, February 20, 2016

hatcher garden | hike it baby.

We mixed things up a bit for a Hike it Baby adventure, and drove to Spartanburg for a tour of Hatcher Garden. Our beloved Poco took a break for this one, and the three boys got to stroll around the garden and take in the sights from their ride on wheels. It had just iced the day before, and there was still some white frozen on the ground which made it feel like we were walking through a winter wonderland. It was a short walk so we did it twice, and we chatted about how lovely it would be once spring was in full force and all the flowers were blooming.

I foresee many more trips to this pretty place in the future, and I highly recommend that everyone get lost in the wildflowers offered here. We are surrounded by so many beautiful places to explore, and I'm thankful for a little one who enjoys the outdoors as much as his mama does!

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