Friday, February 5, 2016

snow days in the south.

The best way to spend an unexpected family day when school is cancelled? Well, for the Bargerons, it was an easy decision...on the trails, of course! We didn't want to risk traveling up the mountain with snow and ice being on the roads in the northern part of the Upstate, so we ventured a few minutes away from home to Lake Conestee Nature Park. We did some exploring here back in August, but it had changed so much since then! The park's Executive Director, Dr. Dave Hargett, was hard at work when we visited back in the summer, and we were so impressed with how well it had turned out. New dirt trails had been created, and the paved portion of the park had been expanded on a great deal, too. We trekked through about three miles of dirt before calling it a day, and it was fun jumping over puddles of melted ice, getting glimpses of snow that was untouched by the sun, and watching my two boys blaze away. This was also a perfect opportunity for us to rejuvenate our minds and focus our hearts on our Creator as a difficult trial was just ahead.

Spontaneity is good for the soul, and I'm convinced that it helps keep you young. There's always a chance that I may not feel as strongly about this once I'm chasing a little one who prefers jumping into puddles rather than over them, but something tells me it's a slim one. TJ and I can't wait to cheer him on as he starts making his own discoveries, and we are committed to raising a wild child who loves the great outdoors.

As long as we're doing it together, no adventure we take is ever a small one.

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