Monday, July 20, 2015

bargeron beach bums.

Braxton's first beach trip was a smashing success! We were originally supposed to be there for a week, but we were able to go down a few days early to extend our stretch to ten days. We spent most of our vacay on the beach, of course, but we mixed it up every few days with some time in the pool. Our mornings were spent splashing in water, our afternoons were spent napping, our evenings were spent dining early to beat the rush, and our nights were spent playing Scrabble. All three of us had a few meltdowns over the course of our time on the coast, but we recovered from them all (by the grace of God, that is).

This is, also, the first beach trip that I didn't bring at least one book to read while lounging, because something told me that I'd be a little more active this year. I traded holding a book in my hands for holding a little babe in my arms, and I spent time memorizing the precious grins + giggles coming from Teesh + B instead of memorizing words on pages. This week, this family, this life is all a part of my story, and I want to know it - really know it - better every second. As long as our good Lord wills, I will keep turning the pages, highlighting my favorite parts along the way, and praising its Author with everything inside of me.

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