Sunday, December 12, 2010

a builder and a goofball.

The purchasing of furniture/moving process/transition to having a permanent roommate has begun! Teesh picked up my [soon-to-be our] mattress on Thursday so he could have somewhere to sleep in our future hooooome (YAY!) over Christmas, we went to Target and bought our first piece of furniture yesterday, and thennnnn we put that bad boy together this afternoon after church. What should have taken an hour took two and a half because I was too excited to focus. Ooooopsies! It's a gooooooooood thing that my sweet, sweet fancy accepts me for the crazy bundle of energy I am because, otherwise, he would be setting himself up for a looooon road ahead. :)

Say hello to our new dining room table. We think she's super cute and the perfect fit for our little family of two!

 before the fun began.

 this killed me dead, haha.

 this was the part where he put the foam on his back and used it as a cape. we were getting lots done at this point, can't you tell? :)

 and this was about the time we jumped in the box and karate chopped all the pieces of styrofoam. messes are so much fun to make!

TADA! our pretty little dining room table that we love oh so much. I can't wait to get lots and lots of goodies at my showers this spring to cutesy it up even more!

Countdown to me being Mrs. Bargeron: 216 days!

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  1. I love Love LOVE the table set!!! One more thing to add to the list of why we are soulmates: our shared love for dark wood.


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