Sunday, December 19, 2010

tis the season.

 Melly sure is a clever one. tying in The Polar Express and my ring? MAJOR brownie points right there.

 my beauuuuutiful handmade corsage made by the hostess of the shower: Melanie Elizabeth!

 I don't know what I'd ever do if she wasn't by my side.

my MOBs. :)

everyone says I'm going to look just like my Nana did on her wedding day. let's hope they're right!

drinks anyone?

the yummy food. cookie cake, chex mix, oreo balls covered in white chocolate, cookies, homemade fudge, and barbeque weiners. most of my favorites all on one table...bliss!

 for the viewing pleasure of our guests. :)

bells to go along with the theme. LOVED this!

all our goodies! I couldn't wait to tear into these bad boys!

let the unwrapping begin!

tada! not even that big cheese on my face can accurately describe how excited I was!

and, of course, I went to show Teesh right after and we didn't hesitate in breaking everything out and doing our first bit of decorating at our future home! YAY!

I'm in love.

 we even decorated our partially-finished kitchen. we love our invisible counter-tops!

we have stockings...YIPPEE! mine is the cute snowman and his is the cute santa. maybe we'll have something in them on Christmas morning! :o)

we decorated our invisible tree with our shower gifts. hurry up, Christmas 2011, so we can bust all this out again and use is forreal. only 371 days to go!

The moral of this entire post is simple: I am thankful. I am still so overwhelmed at how many INCREDIBLE Christmas decorations we got and how much my family [and soon-to-be family] love my Teesh and me. It was the perfect way to begin my season of wedding showers. My baby sister/MOH outdid herself tremendously, and there isn't anyone else in this whole world who I would have rather thrown me my very first shower. :)

I'm getting married, and I love Christmas.

That pretty much sums up all my thoughts at this moment [and for the past, I don't know, 20 or so years].

"1 cup consideration. 2 cups praise. 1 small pinch of in-laws. 1 teaspoon contentment. 1 gallon patience. 2 tablespoons flattery. 1 cup encouragement. A dash of faith and trust. Blend well, sweeten with generous portions of love, keep warm with a steady flame of passion. Serves 2."
-the cutest quote of all-time

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  1. YEYYY!!!!!!!!!! everything is beautiful :) I LOVE IT!!!!!!!


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