Thursday, April 14, 2011


Gaudy make-up. Retro-esque clothing. Stares from people riding beside us on the road. And waving to them. Zumba. The eighties. The nineties. A bunch of women dressed to impress. Or not so much. But, lovin' every minute, nevertheless.

That's just a teeny tiny glimpse into our evening. It was 80s/90s night at zumba, and we had been looking forward to it for WEEKS! Shannon chose to take the Madonna route [which couldn't have been more perfect for her], and I went with one of the things I remember most about my childhood: my mom's clothes. Yep, my delightfully tacky mommy was my inspiration for tonight's event. I know she'll be so thrilled to hear that when I tell her! :o)

Shannon loves the 80s. I love the 90s. And we both love zumba.

That is all. :)

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