Sunday, July 22, 2012

a fifth birthday for trent.

Five years ago on this very day, the twenty-second of July, we welcomed Richard Trenton Chappell into the world. More than that, we welcomed into our heart. Since that day, he has grown to be quite a handsome young lad, and I'm blessed to call myself his aunt. He's wild as can be and rarely slows down long enough to even catch his breath, but we all love him more than he can possibly wrap his cute little head around.

Friday night, we spent a couple hours at Pump It Up to celebrate his half-a-decade-old self, and it was so much fun! After the little ones (and, who am I kidding? the adults, too) jumped for about an hour and a half, we then proceeded to eat pizza and cake and watch Trent open his presents. He got lots of goodies, but more importantly, he had the best time bringing in his fifth birthday.

Happy birthday, little man. We love you!

"Creative play is like a spring that bubbles up from deep within a child."
-Joan Almon

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  1. Happy happy birthday to one sweet and spirited young boy or should I say TJ junior!!!


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