Sunday, July 1, 2012

here and now.

The past seven days have been filled with so many little surprises and big joys. I am constantly reminded that I get to live the life of my dreams, which then puts me at a constant state of overwhelming thankfulness. One of my favorite things to reflect on is how fleeting each moment is, which in turn places a whole lot of emphasis on really living in every moment I'm blessed with. I've got an out-of-this-world husband, the most incredible family, the best friends, and more opportunity than I know what to do with at any given time. The Lord has blessed me with so many things, none of which I deserve. He has been so good to me, and it would be a waste if I simply survived through life rather than thriving in it. So, for all those who wonder, that is why I smile. That is why I rejoice in the tiny things that appear to have little or no meaning, because one day I'll look back and realize that all of those seemingly insignificant moments were the ones that have the most meaning. We all will.

So what do ya say we start today and begin anew? What would you say if I challenged you to really live in each moment you're given and dedicate your life to a better one? I say we do it. I say we live a life that we'll look back on in twenty thirty fifty years and be proud of. Write it down, too. Don't forget a single second of it. Let's partner together and learn the true meaning of what it's like to love the life you live. Forget the past, wait on the future, live in the moment.

I'm in. Are you?

"People are always asking about the good ole days. I say, why don't you say the good now days?"
-Robert M. Young

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