Friday, July 20, 2012

the sixteenth.

On top of all the other countless blessings I received during our anniversary weekend, the sixteenth proved to be the best day of them all. We woke up on the coast and went to sleep back in the upstate, all the while smiling and sharing our favorite memories from the past year. When we walked through the door of our cozy little loft, the first thing I spotted was a vase full of a dozen bright red roses staring at me, making all giddy inside. Teesh got a tackle hug immediately following, and I gave him a smack on the arm for being so sneaky (and cute). As if that wasn't enough, he treated me to dinner at Rick Erwin's. Mmmm! My guy is a professional at spoiling me rotten, I tell ya! I pretended like it was our wedding day all over again (which I make no apologies for) and wore my hair back with my white magnolia holding it in place, my beautiful pearl earrings, and the dress I've not worn since our rehearsal the night before we said 'I do." To finish our wonderful perfect day, we cut into our anniversary cake, and let me tell you--Kathy Norris is a cake genius! While it didn't taste quite as yummy as it did a year prior, it was still absolutely delicious. And don't worry y'all, there was no cake fight this go 'round.

It was oh to lovely to relive that cool July day, and I am fully confident when I say that no anniversary has ever meant more to me than this one. If I love being Mrs. Bargeron this much now, just imagine how much I will love it years and years down the road, after we've had more adventures to tell you about in a single sitting. People say the honeymoon phase will be over soon, but let me assure you of this: Teesh and I will be honeymooners until the day we leave this earth and ascend into heaven. He will always make me weak in the knees, I just know it. And I don't ever plan on getting tired of it.

"Knowing you will be with me in all my tomorrows makes my today so wonderful."

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