Wednesday, August 7, 2013

bungalow's front yard.

Our front yard is half way through its renovation! Two Sundays ago, Teesh and I (with the help of Bane, his truck) pulled up the middle bushes in front of our porch. We're excited to research what can go in their place so we can have another work day in the yard come this fall. Our bungalow doesn't know what to do with all the new things being taken away and added every few months! We even learned something new about home ownership while we were digging: do NOT mess with the metal stake coming up from the ground unless you want to mess up your water pipe. We've got the best neighbors for looking out for us when we're trying our darnedest to uproot our water supply. We're still learning, y'all, and I suppose we always will be.

Here's a play-by-play of all the fun we had that beautiful sun-shiney day!

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