Thursday, March 12, 2015

braxton michael | two months.

It has been two months since this fine fella made his grand entrance into the world, and each day since that twelfth day of January has been sweeter than the one before. I don't know how it's possible to love someone so unbelievably much, but Teesh + I love him more with each passing second that goes by. He is a content little one, and I love watching his bright eyes look all around him as he tries so hard to learn about everything that he sees. I love to look at him as I pray over him + wonder who he will be as he gets older. Making memories with this guy, especially the ones where we cuddle on the couch and soak in every moment that we'll never get back, are the best.

I used to hear mommies + daddies say all the time how their babies were getting to big + how they couldn't believe how fast time was flying. Well, here you are as a two month old baby boy, and I constantly find myself praying that time would slow down. It really is mind-boggling how, even as I savor every single second I have with you, it never seems to last long enough. You have really come alive this past month, and your personality continues to come out. You smile ALL. THE. TIME. (I think you may get that one from me), and sometimes you just burst out in hysterical laughter for no reason (that we can tell, at least). You are still on an every-three-hour schedule during the day, and you've been sleeping in one big six(ish)-hour stretch each night followed by another three(ish) hours for the past two+ weeks. You are spoiling mommy big time! I can count on one hand how many "sleepless nights" we have had since being home, and I genuinely feel rested most mornings when we get up to begin our days at seven o'clock. A big thing happened this month, on February 23rd to be exact: you moved from your bassinet in daddy + mommy's room to your own crib in your own room! You transitioned like a champ, and we were (and still are!) so proud of you. You still love to look to your right side, but you move your head all around as you learn to control your movements. You've, also, been trying to hold your head up since we were in the hospital, and you've gotten so much better at keeping it steady + stable this past month. You, my son, are already so unbelievably strong, which is a gift + answered prayer from God. My favorite thing to pray over you while you were in the womb (next to your salvation) was that you would be physically + spiritually stronger than anyone else I've ever known. I'm already praising Jesus for His faithfulness in raising you up to be strong + courageous, because you demonstrate increasing strength + bravery daily. In addition to being strong, you are, also, quite chubby these days! We go to the doctor tomorrow for your two month check up, and I won't be surprised if you have gained four (plus) pounds this month. You've got long legs + a long torso, and they are so, so squishy. So long + squishy, in fact, that your newborn clothes were packed away a couple weeks ago, and you're already trying to get too long for any clothing that has feet. You used to have a neck, but we haven't seen it in several weeks because your (double) chin lays right on your chest preventing us from seeing it. You're still drinking way more than your tummy can hold, and you get quite upset (aka MAD!) when I take your food supply away. Mommy, also, started driving last week (HIP HIP HOORAY!), so you + I have been gallivanting all over the city to make up for lost time. We go walking most days, and we rotate between the stroller + the wrap each time. We, also, have started participating in tummy time together: when you have yours, mommy has hers because after so many weeks of being bed-or-couch ridden (and after nine months of pregnancy, too), regaining muscle definition is at the top of mommy's to-do-for-herself list.

I can't wait to see what this month holds for us, B! We've already got several activities planned, including mommy's birthday, that are sure to be fun. Here's to beginning your third month of life, little one. We love you so!

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