Monday, March 2, 2015

a brave transition.

Our teeny, tiny baby boy is not as teeny, tiny as he once was. Last Monday, when he turned six weeks old, we said see ya later to the bassinet that he's been sleeping and napping in next to our bed in our room + said hello to his crib that has been patiently waiting for him to break in. He has done such a great job with the transtition, and daddy + mommy are so proud of him! Also, since the big move, he has extended his nighttime sleep to an average of four and a half hours in between grub times, which has made mommy extra proud with a dose of extra thankful. He still loves to be swaddled, and his little eyes love to explore all the bright colors of his new place of rest. Sure, we have always spent a lot of time in his room, but now he sees everything from a different perspective.

Speaking of perspective, my oh my, how he has changed mine.

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