Saturday, March 7, 2015

seven weeks.

Nine months ago, during the first week of June, TJ and I started taking weekly pictures of my bump progress. I was just seven weeks pregnant with Baby B, who was the size of an itty bitty blueberry. These photos are something that I will treasure forever, because they remind me of how excited we were to get closer week-by-week to meeting our little one.

Now, it's the first week of March, and we have held our son in our arms for seven weeks. Honestly, it's nearly impossible to imagine what life was like when we were simply waiting for his arrival. As much as I loved that precious season of advent, I love holding him in my arms as a squishy baby even more. There is nothing else like snuggling with this baby laying on my chest while being wrapped up in his daddy's arms at the same time.

I loved him as a blueberry, but I love him exponentially more now. And I'll love him even more with every new second that I get to be his mommy. No matter how old he gets, he'll never outgrow these arms of mine.

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