Thursday, March 5, 2015

bundled in blue.

Mommy, I wasn't too impressed with the snow...

...Just kidding!

I love all the faces this boy makes, and I especially love these. TJ sat him down on the couch when we came in from playing in the snow while we took off all our layers of warmth, and I almost died when I walked back into the living room and found him sitting like this + making all sorts of precious faces that accentuated those cheeks. I always pretend to read his mind with every new look he shows off, and it makes me giggle to contemplate what's inside the brain of our little one. How fun it will be when he starts talking, and I get to write down every cute + silly phrase he says, so I never forget a single one of them! I'll miss putting words in his mouth, but I will be so excited to hear what he has to say about the world he sees.

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