Tuesday, March 10, 2015

this little light of mine.

These eyes still pierce my heart + take my breath away every time I catch them gazing at me, and something tells me that will never change. It's still hard to fathom how much beauty there is on this little boy's face, and even harder to imagine how much beauty lies within him. Soon enough, his eyes will behold more than the protector in me wants him to, but I pray daily that his eyes will speak of the kindness + mercy + love of God over everyone + everything he meets. His smiles + stares + giggles + cries are all so innocent + genuine, and my hope is that these will remain as so, even when the darkness of this world tries to steal it from him. He already lights up my world, and I know that he will be used to light up the world of  many others, too. What a beautiful city on a hill this boy will be some day.

"Almost nothing need be said when you have eyes."
-Tarjei Vesaas

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