Monday, April 6, 2015

baby's first easter.

This is just a glimpse into how preciously adorable our Easter Sunday was. The littlest Mr. Bargeron was dressed to impress, and he got lots of smooches + snuggles from lots of family + friends. We began our morning reading the story of what this day in history really stands for, praying over all the people we would see later on, thanking Jesus that He was + is the perfect promise-maker + promise-keeper, and slipping into our Sunday best. We field-tripped to Fountain Inn to worship with our family at Capstone Church, and then we ate lunch at Pitty Pat's house and hunted for eggs at Pop + Gigi's house before turning into the bungalow for the night. All the busyness of the day made us extra thankful for those quiet moments that began + ended this first Easter as a family of three, but being busy with the ones you love most isn't so bad. Many memories were made, and I loved watching everyone get googly-eyed every time B coo'd or smiled at them.

Ladies + gentlemen, it's my pleasure to show off the cutest baby boy in the whole wide world. Eat your hearts out!
Goodness gracious, I sure do love my boys! Jesus has poured out blessings over my life in abundance during these past three months, and my only response is to simply fall at His feet + worship Him. May the days that stand between this Easter + the next be filled with His praise more than any other sound I hear + song I sing because of how rich His love is.

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