Monday, April 20, 2015

five generations.

Yesterday afternoon was bright + beautiful in spite of the dark clouds that hung above our heads. The rain stopped long enough for us to hang out on the back patio at The Springs with Nonnie for a little while, and I love this special memory more than words can adequately express. She and Papa were the ones who instilled a deep love of both Christ + family into the Phillips clan, and it was the biggest honor to introduce her to her great-great-grandson on this Sunday that was filled with anticipation + excitement. My heart was beating out of my chest as she held him + gave him kisses, and it was a memory I'll never forget. It's not every day that the oldest member of the family + the youngest member of the family are in the same still frame with so many years between them, and floods of memories filled my mind as we stood there with smiles on our faces. I'm grateful to be a part of a family where we treasure each other + are intentional about gathering together, and we owe it to this beautiful lady + her husband who has planted those seeds in all of us.

Nonnie has touched more lives than any of us could ever keep up with, and now I can say that Braxton is on her list. Oh, what joy is still pulsing through this mama's heart! I hope I live to be ninety-four (almost ninety-five) years old, and that the people I love will tell me of all the happy memories my life has consisted of if my mind tries to erase them from my memory. I hope they'll tell me of this sweet afternoon first.

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