Wednesday, April 15, 2015

mister bowtie.

Sunday was a special day filled with lots of special things so we had to make sure our little one was dressed in his best, of course! This was Braxton's fourth Sunday at church, and it was also my first day back on stage leading worship with the band. Well, it was my first official morning back, at least. I maaaay have jumped the stage on our first Sunday back - with permission, of course. Anyway, TJ was on daddy duty all morning, and he overcame the stress of dressing + driving a three month-old without mommy quite impressively. Our dear friend, Chris, turned another year older younger AND the team that recently returned from Haiti shared their stories with those that gathered with us at both services that morning, too. To top it off, we celebrated Cara's birthday that afternoon, and then  dined + fellowshipped with our community group that evening. Like I said, there were lots of reasons to celebrate this Sunday funday!

So, without further hesitation, I present to you the cutest baby boy wearing the cutest bowtie + suspenders you have ever seen. His adorable little personality matched his adorable little outfit quite perfectly!

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