Wednesday, April 8, 2015

paris mountain crew.

The Bargerons teamed up with the Nalleys for our first hike with Braxton, and we had the best time of fun + fellowship. Clint and Kelly have been mentors + friends to us since the very beginning of our relationship, and we have loved sharing so many sweet memories with them over the years. They were excited to adventure through Paris Mountain with us, and Sara + Will were leaders of the pack all morning. We even spotted some (ninja) turtles in the pond, which made for extra excitement! I am incredibly thankful that we first met them when we were just fifteen years old, and we have had the privilege to encourage each other along in every season from high school to babies to teaching at the same school. I'm even more thankful for the beautiful picture of Christ and the Church that they have displayed for us since that first time we met on a random Wednesday night during youth group. We had no idea in that moment just how much they would mean to us, and we are so excited for B to learn to love them as much as we do!

Here's to the next family adventure we go on together!

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