Sunday, May 31, 2015

memorial day | a first.

Our morning was spent out on the town, and our afternoon was spent in the backyard at our beloved bungalow. We put our new kiddie pool to good use for the first time, and we were (naively) certain that B would love it. The temperature change in water was something that we didn't take into consideration before getting his little piggies wet, and I'm so thankful that Teesh was ready, camera in-hand, to document the smiles become tears and go back to smiles again. After a few minutes, he was adjusted (daddy's bright idea to dump some hot water into the pool to warm it up helped the process along), and we spent the next half hour taking in all of his coos + splashes. I'm pretty positive that everyone in the neighborhood heard those initial screams, but he shared the enjoyment that came later just with us. I think he liked his mommy being in the pool with him, too (well, that's what she thinks, anyway).
The three Bargerons are excited that summer is just around the corner, because lots of time in the water is almost upon us! We're thankful to have so many firsts during this new season of parenthood, and it pumps Teesh + me up to think that we're just getting started.

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