Tuesday, August 25, 2015


When I closed out my season at City Kids last January, my heart ached like it never had before. New chapters are exciting, of course, but leaving my four year-old kiddos was tough. There were a few families who adopted me as their own over the years, and it was such a treat to have a park date with three of my once-little-ones at the same time. Abbe, Helene, and I are no strangers to having a "girls day" every few months, and this was one of those beautiful days that we got to enjoy each other's company all together. Gus, Helene's older brother and one of my very first students, joined in on the fun this time, and he proved to be quite the baby whisperer, too! I wish days like this would last forever, but since they don't that gives us more opportunities to plan more fun in the days to come!
Ms. Anna may look a little different with a baby on her hip, but she's still the same Ms. Anna she's always been - fiercely dedicated to loving those whom the Lord places in her care. I hope that B will learn to love the world around him by watching his daddy + me do it until the day we die.

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