Friday, August 14, 2015

lake life.

Here are just a few of my favorite scenes from baby's first trip to the lake, all of which show what a smashing success it was. The whole Bargeron gang went to Lake Greenwood for a whole week to have one last vacation of the summer, and we had the best time. There was a happy balance between play + rest, and our evenings (along with parts of our afternoons) were filled with playing games around the table. It took Braxton a couple days to adjust to the new, strange place he was in (which nearly made me see cross-eyed, if I'm being honest), he was passed around like a hot potato, he ate like a champ, his cuteness had everyone giggling + swooning, and he even took a nap while floating in the water after a long couple of days of not napping so well.

The next time we all take a vacation together, we'll be sitting with our toes in the sand at Surfside Beach!

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