Saturday, August 29, 2015

the ultimate fix-all.

Nothing cures our blues + unleashes excitement quite like bath time does! I'm sure all you other mamas out there will agree, and while I've been hearing that baths have crazy power ever since we gave him his first one, it wasn't until he started to sit up on his own that I learned the truth in this for myself. Some days he doesn't cry at all for the whole day, and then there are those other days when his squalls are the only music I hear. My snuggles are the best medicine for the fussy days, but bath time is a close second. He figured out what splashing was while we were at the beach, and there has been no stopping him since. Most of his baths are now in the kitchen sink so that I can cook + clean while he plays, and those little drops of water all over the floor + counter aren't burdensome to wipe up at all. My favorite part of bath time is when I look over my shoulder to check on him and catch him grinning or staring at me. Talk about making a mama's heart pop!

He's becoming little Mr. Independent, but I love how he always looks to make sure I'm watching him. Oh, I hope he always does that.

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