Wednesday, October 14, 2015

st. augustine | daylight.

This past weekend was extra special, because we got to spend some much needed, really appreciated time with our beloved Llanezas. Not only that, but it was our first time adventuring in St. Augustine AND Braxton's first visit to Florida! Some called us crazy for driving seven hours straight with a babe along for the ride, but the worst part of our time on the road was all the traffic due to detours + car accidents. I think we've got a road trip lover on our hands, and that's quite all right with his road trip lovin' mama.

Umpy Dave + Aunt Whitney treated us like royalty all weekend, which included dining like kings + queens, too. That's right, people - St. Augustine and all of its good, local eatin' gave TJ + myself a few extra pounds to bring back home (I don't mind one bit, which should tell you just how good the food really was). Cinnamon rolls + doughnuts for breakfast, Taco Shop for lunch, A1A Ale Works for dinner, Cousteau's for dessert, and pumpkin flavored coffee had me singing all sorts of praise, and that doesn't even include all songs I sang as a result of the laughter that was shared while dining. We made plans for more trips while we were there which will hopefully come to life sooner rather than later, because Braxton was quite smitten with our hosts (can't say I blame him). He and Umpy Dave even got some uninterrupted quality time together while TJ, Aunt Whitney, and myself climbed to the top of the St. Augustine lighthouse.
TJ and Whitney have faithfully been by my side for ten (plus) years, and it is seriously the best (THE. BEST.) to still be making memories with them. Seasons change and our adventures look different than they once did, but the characters in our life story are still those young teenagers who need each other as much now as they did then. Wild at heart, forever young, and blessed beyond belief. Our little group of three has now grown to five, and it makes me giddy to think about what all these next ten years will add to our friendship. So much thankfulness + anticipation all rolled into one!

If you've never been to St. Augustine, add it to your bucket list. And, of course, make sure you've got good company with you while you explore!

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