Tuesday, October 20, 2015

we love pumpkins.

The Bargerons have been picking pumpkins at Stewart Farms since the October after we got married, and our fifth year was sweeter than all the others combined. Family traditions are my most favorite thing in the whole world (and they always will be), so you can imagine my excitement when we got to bring the newest member of our family along with us this time. Wandering through the rows + rows of orange is something I look forward to all year long, and my mind has already begun to imagine chasing a little toddler through the field next October. Every season brings new adventures + explorations, and although it's always hard to say goodbye to warmer weather for a while, I am really (really, really, really) looking forward to snuggling in close with an extra boy on the couch as we all try to keep warm.

Braxton was waking up from a nap as we pulled into the pumpkin patch, so his daddy + I had to work hard for the few smiles we were able to capture in still frames. He wore eyes that were both sleepy + curious, which made everything around him way more entertaining than the camera he sees every day. We loved watching his baby blues carefully study every glimpse of Autumn around him, and there were several moments when I almost needed to pinch myself to make sure that I really was the girl who was walking around with the two most handsome boys on the farm. If my heart continues to fill at this rate, it is going to pop one day!

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