Thursday, October 15, 2015

st. augustine | nightlight.

St. Augustine was stunning when daylight was upon us, just as I knew it would be, but when the stars began to take the sun's place, the whole city lit up and gave me a chance to see a new perspective on all that beauty. We enjoyed dinner outside, dessert outside, and the walk between the two provided extra time underneath the dark blanket above us. Several wedding receptions provided music for us as we walked past them, a horse + carriage came into view every few minutes, the salty air gave off a feels-like-home aroma, Umpy Dave + Aunt Whitney toted Braxton around to get all the lovin' they could, and I kept slowing our pace because my eyes wanted to make sure that everything they saw was captured on camera. What's better than exploring a new city alongside old friends, you ask? Nothing at all.

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