Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the days keep flying by.

I was actually excited to get out of bed this morning, because today was monumental: the last time I have to wake up at 5 a.m. during my spring break (or possibly EVER)! Okay, well maybe not ever…but for a LONG time, I promise you that! Skye was on morning shift starting today so we were all able to ride in the van instead of catching the bus! That, my friends, was nice. Not that I hate riding the bus, but you just never know who is going to strike up a conversation with you. Especially at 5:30 in the morning. Like I’ve said before, city buses are interesting.

Lucky for us, we were all inside again today!!! YAY! I was particularly excited because it basically poured down rain all day. That would have been fun. I was an usher again, only this time for sections 114 & 115. I’ve become quite skilled at knowing where almost every landmark in the building is. And what was the BEST part about volunteering today, you ask? Well, that’s easy…I got to have my OWN radio today!!! Fact: I felt SO official. And important. And cooooooler than ever before!

Did I mention that there were 7,000 kids in attendance today? Yep, 7,000. And honestly, it wasn’t so bad. They were so excited to be at the game! They all had little posters and knickknacks to hold up for their favorite teams. PRECIOUS! One little boy walked in and his eyes lit up and his mouth dropped to the ground and then he said, “IT’S REAL!” So cute!

Also, I guess I should mention that two more fellas were added to my boyfriend list. Cal (one of the Coke employees on staff) and Andrew (one of the security guards). Another fact: this is getting out of hand. What is it with Canadians and blondes with curly hair? Chris stopped by to chat for a few minutes, James did the same several times and also brought me a cookie, and Amir…well, this one was the persistent one today. Not only did he ask me what I was doing for St. Patty’s Day ten times, but he also talked to some of my classmates and suggested that we all do something together. Yep, that’s my life. A huge shout out to SKYE for saving me several times, and even offering to let me wear his wedding band to keep them away. See what I mean…Skye is ALWAYS coming to my rescue! Lord knows I need it!

We all piled back into the vans at 3 o’clock when it was quittin’ time and headed back to the hostel. When we got here, I got in the shower and did a load of laundry. Thennnnn Kerri, Christine, and I watched Time Traveler’s Wife. Why did I do that to myself? I was already bawling in the first five minutes of the darn thing. But I was in need of a gooooood cry, and it is an excellent movie, so I was okay with it. Until I started thinking about how much it made me want to hug Teesh…and then how it was impossible for that to happen. So what did I do? I cried some more, of course!

Mommy told me that I was only allowed to use my phone during emergencies while I’m up here, so I hadn’t talked to TJ since LAST Monday morning right before we boarded the plane in Chicago. One word: AWFUL! Today, however, I broke down and honestly couldn’t go any longer without talking to him and hearing his voice. And it was the BEST 3 minute and 49 second conversation of my LIFE. Make no mistake about that one! I was crying when he answered (because I seriously called him like 0.1 second after the movie ended and I was still all choked up) and he laughed when I told him it was because I missed him. Who’s lame? Oh, that would be me. But I’m not ashamed one bit. EIGHT whole days without so much as a WORD from the person you’re used to talking to at least twenty times a day is HARD!

After I regained composure, I got ready to go out to dinner with the gang. I had fish and chips, and it was the bomb! I also had a Pina Colada, making that my second beverage of the week. It was a MUCH better experience than that of spring break 2006, that’s for sure! HA! We stayed and hung out for a few hours, then a few of us headed back to the hostel to turn in for the night.

Tomorrow morning my shift doesn’t start until 9 o’clock and I am PUMPED about that. I never would have thought that I would consider sleeping til 7 a.m. as “sleeping in,” but I do now!

Tata for now! Sweeeeeet dreams from Vancouver!! : )

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