Saturday, March 20, 2010

oh, she's on her way.

I woke up sad today, and for a split second I wondered why. And then it hit me: today is our last day of work. BOO! Through my sadness, I put on my blue and met downstairs in the lobby just like every other day. I was extra happy today (imagine that, if you can) so I wouldn’t cry! I was pretty proud of myself for holding it together. Not gonna lie!

Since it was my 8th and final shift, I got two goodies: an Olympic/Paralympic 2010 keychain and an Olympic/Paralympic 2010 watch! What a sweet way to begin the work day! After that, we were split up into our groups, and I was SO pumped when I found out that I was in the seating bowl for the day. Why, you ask? Well, it’s no big deal…but Team USA was playing in the GOLD medal game against Team Japan! And guess what? THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOO! I am always super proud to be an America, and today only heightened that pride! The coolest part about the whole tournament was that USA didn’t let a single team score on them. NONE. How exciting! Big props to Steve Cash, our super stellar goalie who did the job RIGHT!

The medal ceremony was super sweet, too! Thanks to Patrick (also known as “crazy drummer guy,” as nicknamed by myself), I was able to get a good look at everything going on! Norway got the bronze, Japan got the silver, and (drum roll please) USA is bringing home the goooooods! Fact: I love the Olympics. As if that wasn’t already clear enough.

We had a volunteer appreciation party after our shift ended, and it was SO much fun! And sad. Well, not till the end, when you knew you had to say goodbye. But before all the sorrow started to seep in, we were able to hang out with everyone and take pictures galore! I even made it into the slideshow of the week, which I was pretty pumped about. Who knew I’d be famous by the time I left? Oh wait, that’s because I’m not. I was, however, a top pick for receiving goodbye kisses on the cheek. Who knew that Canadians kiss you on the cheek when they tell you bye? I sure didn’t. My only question is this: why was it only the guys that kissed my cheek? I think I already know that answer. Here’s an idea: boys will be boys. Yeah, I think that about covers it!

The best part of the whole day (and maybe even week)? Well, that’s an easy one! Doing the CADENCE CALL as we left the party, that’s what! C-L-E-M-S-O-N-T-I-G-E-R-S! We had to make sure that they weren’t going to forget about us, of course. If the southern accents and hospitality didn’t work all week, we had to make sure we went out with a bang…just in case! My biggest hope is that we represented Clemson in the best possible way that we could and that at least one life was changed by our presence here these past two weeks. I know I was definitely changed for the better because of the INCREDIBLE people I met.

We had a group meeting when we first got back to the hostel, and then I headed upstairs to put on my comfy pjs! Kerri, Christine, and I then decided to go get KFC for dinner. At 9 o’clock at night. And thennnnnn, we discovered that they were closed, leaving our only available option to be…Denny’s. Pancakes? YES PLEASE! Mmmm, that was some good stuff! Well, except the grits (hello, instant pack) and the eggs (hello, pour and cook eggs). The bacon was off the chain, which is the most important part anyway!

I crawled into bed with my full tummy, and I cannot waitttttt to close my eyes for a good night’s sleep! We’re going to Victoria, BC tomorrow, so I’m going to need every ounce of energy I have to take everything in that I can! I can’t wait to wake up, get ready, and then travel to the island on a FERRY! I’m going to pray SUPER hard tonight that we’ll see WHALES! Please, please, please! Feel free to pitch in, as well. : )

Song of the day: "On Her Way" by Shelly Fraley. Sweet dreams, 'eh!

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